30 July 2014

Top 10 Console Ports of All Time

Console ports; love them or loathe them, they're no doubt going to be around for the foreseeable future and, while some companies are notorious for poor ports, we feel there are plenty out there that deserve to be celebrated!

It's a controversial topic, and one that is sure to raise plenty of spirited debate, but here's our list of what we think are the 10 greatest console ports of all time...

16 July 2014

Official Corporate Sell-Out Links #2

Occasionally, I write for other websites. If you're looking for something else to read, here are some links to my latest thoughts on games and gaming.

More from Checkpoint Restart soon - including the first of a new series of Top 10 lists in the inimitable CR style, and the exciting next part of The History of the FPS!

8 June 2014

Brown Factor: A Colour Analysis of Id Software Games

Brown Tide. The Brown Menace. Browntown, Gamesville.

Whatever you call it, the average colour palette of modern games is a sore point for many gamers. Some claim it adds realism, while others say it's a cheap way to hide poor artistic direction, but just how much of a problem is it? Have games really become more brown over time? If so, whose fault is it? And can we make a lucrative claim for compensation?

4 June 2014

Official Corporate Sell-Out Links #1

Occasionally, I write for other websites. If you're looking for something great to read, here's a batch of links to some of my latest musings on gaming.

More from Checkpoint Restart coming soon!

15 March 2014

ArmA 3 Strategy Guide

Bohemia Interactive's mega-hit ArmA 3 has taken the mil-sim world by storm, transporting hundreds of thousands of eager gamers to Altis. Behind all that freedom, however, it has a reputation for being confusing and unforgiving.

Well hold onto your helmets, because Checkpoint Restart is here to take you from cowering grunt to combat guru with our guide to ArmA 3!

27 February 2014

The History of the FPS (Part One)

The FPS is undoubtedly the most popular video game genre in the world, but also one of the most mysterious. Where did it come from? What were the truly innovative titles? And whose idea was it to add regenerating health, anyway?

In this multi-part series, follow us as we take a look back through video gaming's murky waters to trace the fascinating and bloody history of the FPS.

23 February 2014

War Thunder Strategy Guide

War Thunder, by Gaijin Entertainment, is one of the hottest free-to-play games around at the moment, but you can't just jump in and become an instant fighter ace. It took me at least a couple of hours to get to the kind of level I'm at, but I learnt all the tricks along the way!

Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned veteran, our guide will give you an insiders look at how the game works, as well as a handful of tips and tricks to see you soar to the top of the scoreboards. Tally ho!

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